We Are The Champions

Note from the Chair

We Are the Champions Everyday all around us we are putting out fire’s some literal and some not. We refuse to respond to the gentle wake up calls that are sent to us until they practically debilitate us. Last year I did a benefit concert for the Canadian Diabetes and was shocked at the statistics and the devastation that the disease can cause. Here is a disease that would practically cease to exist if we were only aware on how to prevent it.

This has prompted me to start “We are the champions creating awareness” Education of self is the greatest education of all and if every person could own that for a moment we would not have to spend millions of dollars on a cure. Music is my gift and through this medium I have chosen to put together this wonderful evening with the hope to inspire all who attend it and all who have participated in it. The gift of giving is one that we can own as it comes with no expectations and no disappointment only joy. Thank you for sharing with me in this moment

Jasmine Bharucha

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