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Jasmine Bharucha arrived on the pro pop/rock scene as a teenager in the late 1980s, and in 1991, Magnasound (Warner) released her debut album, ‘Alien Desire,' a beginning that guaranteed her a prominent position in Asian music. But it was her dynamic, high energy live performances in India, Africa and England combined with her popular video, 'Alone Now', in heavy rotation on MTV Asia and Europe, that put this talented singer, songwriter, choreographer and dancer on the musical map. Once Jasmine had her own stage show, it wasn't long before she became one of the most sought-after live performers in India.” Journalist Sorelle Saidman, Rolling Stone Magazine

Jasmine Bharucha is a talented writter. Her first publication Who Am I?  is a wonderful book that introduces the concept of how we are all connected to the world. This book teaches children that they are not alone and are an unlimited part if the universe where they live and grow. It is an excellent resource to support the concept of mindfulness in our busy classrooms. Principal Sue Stevenson, Carnarvon Elementary School


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