About Jasmine Bharucha

Jasmine Bharucha is an author, mother of two and an internationally renowned singer/songwriter who was the first Indian performer to appear on MTV Asia in 1990. She has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine and other international media, and has been nominated as the Best Female Pop Artist at the Channel V Music Awards in Asia.

In the feature in Rolling Stone Magazine, journalist Sorelle Saidman wrote: “She arrived on the pro pop/rock scene as a teenager in the late 1980s, and in 1991, Magnasound (Warner) released her debut album, ‘Alien Desire,' a beginning that guaranteed her a prominent position in Asian music. But it was her dynamic, high energy live performances in India, Africa and England combined with her popular video, 'Alone Now', in heavy rotation on MTV Asia and Europe, that put this talented singer, songwriter, choreographer and dancer on the musical map. Once Jasmine had her own stage show, it wasn't long before she became one of the most sought-after live performers in India.” Acclaim as a In addition to being a recording artist, Jasmine is also a children’s author who is developing a ground-series of “self-help” titles for youth, starting with the recently launched first book, Who Am I?

As a child growing up in Mumbai, India, Jasmine would often ask questions about why some children lived in such dire poverty and she didn’t—she was always trying to make sense of the puzzle of life. Her journey of self-reflection fueled her studies in holistic medicine and life coaching. Her exploration led her to ask the basic question: “who am I?” This question then translated into the title of her first children’s book, Who Am I?, that presents simple concepts for children, and adults too, to better understand themselves and their connection to the world around them. Believing that it’s never too early or too late to start the self-inquiry process, Jasmine speaks about and shares this message today with young and old alike.

She currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband and two children, where she works as an award-winning realtor and continues to sing and perform.